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From Gary Bauer, on July 7:

Yesterday President Obama held the first Twitter town hall event, answering questions from Twitter users all over the country. Fortunately for the president, he did not have to limit his responses to 140 characters.

Speaker John Boehner asked a very simple question that has been on the minds of many Americans for some time: “After embarking on a record spending binge that’s left us deeper in debt, where are the jobs?”

The Wall Street Journal reports that it took the president 3,044 characters, the equivalent of 22 Tweets, to say job growth has been insufficient.

Why am I not surprised?


Jeff Duncan keeps racking up endorsements

Jeff Duncan, candidate for U.S. Congress from South Carolina’s 3rd district, has been racking up endorsements on a regular basis lately.  Just in the last couple months, the list includes South Carolina state Senator Shane Massey, who at one point was an opponent in this primary; the well-known Erick Erickson of; former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN); two conservative advocacy groups, Conservatives of America and Club for Growth; as well as the Independence Caucus, a very conservative group dedicated to putting constitutionally-minded candidates into Congress.  Some quotes:

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Thoughts for the day–Feb 17

Random thoughts on several topics:
1.  War in Afghanistan. Well, I have to give credit where credit is due.  The Obama administration has made some gains in the Afghan war.  Drone attacks have been significantly stepped up in the past year, and seem to accomplishing goals.  Quite a few Taliban & al Qaeda targets have been taken out.  This week’s revelation that the #2 Taliban leader was captured in Pakistan further illustrates progress there.  Mind you, it’s probably driving the “bring ’em all home” crowd nuts, but they haven’t been as vocal about Afghanistan as they are Iraq.  This is probably the biggest (only?) area where Obama is leading from a centrist position compared to his campaign.

2.  Special notes on Capture of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. What makes the capture of this Taliban military commander especially noteworthy is it happened in Pakistan, with the help of Pakistani forces.  I have long felt that Taliban influences in Pakistan government and military were hindering our efforts there–at least by not disclosing all information and possibly tipping off Taliban and al Qaeda insurgents.  Guess they have finally figured out they are going nowhere as long as they align with the Taliban.

Also, officials have publicly stated that Baradar is providing valuable intel.  I’m sure this is because he is being held by the Pakistani government.  The Obama administration has made sure that no terrorist fears an American interrogation, but they will be very aware of the techniques available to the Pakistanis!

3.  Biden & Iraq. This information is from Gary Bauer’s email of yesterday (16 Feb 2010), as I try to avoid listening to Joe Biden’s comments.  Last week he predicted that success in Iraq would be one of Obama’s “great achievements.”  This comes after both Biden & Obama voted AGAINST the Iraqi surge in 2007.  It is that very surge (proposed by General Petraeus) that Bush put into place that was the turning point in the military efforts in Iraq.  Another moment of “audacity” for this administration . . .

4.  Anniversary of the so-called “stimulus.” I’ll just include this,  courtesy of Lori Ziganto.

Federal Government Destroying U.S. Manufacturing

This deserves a look. is reporting on recent comments from the CEO of Emmerson Electric.  David N. Farr, speaking at an industrial conference, said the federal government is “doing everything in [its] manpower [and] capability to destroy U.S. manufacturing.” He also lists several things the government is doing to “help the U.S. economy grow.”  It’s obvious from his choice of terminology in this list that “help” is being used in a sarcastic sense.

  • $1.41T Deficit 10% of GDP
  • $12T of Government Debt Going to $20+T in 10 yrs
  • Print more money – “Quantitative Easing”
  • Non-Targeted $800B Stimulus
  • Wall Street & Car Bailouts
  • Cap & Tax Legislation?
  • Government Healthcare takeover: $1+T
  • Taxes and Regulations (increasing)
  • Lack of U.S. $ Support

The whole slide presentation available here, but the scary part is the rest of the slide.  It shows the job loss associated with recessions of 1980, 1982, 1990, and 2001 compared with the current statistics.  The recessions of 1980 and 2001 peaked at 2.8 and 2.7 million jobs lost, and took 28 and 47 months respectively to recover.  To date, we’ve lost 7.3 million, and about 22 months in, we don’t know if we’re on the way back up yet or not.

All in all, this is not very encouraging.  Bear in mind that it is coming from a man with 28+ years experience in industry.  He should know what makes a manufacturing business expand, and what makes one hesitate.  Compare those credentials with the experience of the current administration.  President Obama’s cabinet has FAR LESS private experience than any administration since 1900.  With only about 8% coming from the private sector, the closest in comparison was President Kennedy’s cabinet, which had about 28% private sector experience.  Most were closer to 40%, or even 50% from the private sector.  If you ask me, if you want to create more private employment, ask the successful business people to run things.

(Note:  These numbers include secretaries of State, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Interior, Labor, Transportation, Energy, and Housing & Urban Development, but do NOT include Postmaster General, Navy, War, Health, Education & Welfare, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security.  They reportedly come from a J.P. Morgan research report, but I don’t have the original link.)

You would think the “Jobs Summit” held Thursday would include someone like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to balance things out.  After all, the Chamber of Commerce knows a little bit about business.  But no, they haven’t “toed the line” on healthcare, so they weren’t invited.

So, with over 90% of the administration from government (or possibly academic) positions, is it any wonder why it’s “politics as usual” in Washington, while our economy drags along?

Obama–“electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

OK. Now this I don’t believe. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a vote for the “cap and trade” energy legislation for Friday 6-26 or Saturday 6-27. President Obama himself said that in his plan, “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” By some estimates, the average family will see their energy bills increase by $1241 per year, and will see numerous other negative effects.

Please don’t let this happen! Call or email your representative at once, and urge them to vote against this legislation! You can email them through this link or call the House switchboard at 202-224-3121, then tell anyone you can to do the same.

If you don’t believe me check out this video. (And don’t tell me you believe changing light bulbs will make up for the cost increase!)

Thursday’s Wall Street Journal said this legislation is “likely one of the largest tax increases in history.” Earlier this week, investor Warren Buffett (an Obama supporter) called it a “huge tax …and a fairly regressive tax.” For more information, Gary Bauer has compiled a list of links to explain exactly what “cap and trade” is:

I wish we had more time to react, but the current leadership in D.C. is purposefully pushing things fast so the news doesn’t have time to spread. Act now!!

EDIT–OK, as of 23-Jul-09 the youtube link is bad. If I get a chance I’ll try to fix it . . .