Lost All Respect for Drudge Report!

Drudge Campaigns for RomneyA few weeks ago, Rick Santorum made some headlines for claiming that Matt Drudge’s “news” site Drudge Report was “showing for Romney.”  This was based on the headlines Drudge was running, that were supposedly biased toward Romney, and painting Santorum in a negative light.  While that may have been debatable then, all doubt was removed today.  At the top of the screen (I’ve included a screen shot), in the area used for breaking news, Drudge posted two different links to “Santorum endorses Romney” pages.  One was a copy of the news release from the 2008 Romney campaign, and the other was a link to a 2012 Romney YouTube video (posted a few days ago) that played a 2008 campaign clip of Santorum making the same endorsement.

So there you have it.  Drudge linking directly to Romney campaign talking points.  We’re not even talking about stories about Romney talking points–just plain and simple campaign material!  The pathetic side of it, it that it’s not even a new talking point.  Romney has been using that item for months now.