This Lawyer is a Real Man

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One of my favorite talk radio shows is Christian Worldview Today, with host Tony Beam.  Frequently, when Tony is leading into a story about someone taking a stand instead of caving, he has a “Real Man Update” and plays a clip of Reba McEntire singing “I Want A Cowboy”.  I’m taking a page from his book and having a Real Man story.

That Real Man is Paul Clement.  He was a member of the law firm King & Spalding until yesterday.  King & Spalding had been retained by the US House of Representatives to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), but caved to pressure from gay rights groups and withdrew their representation.  Clement left King & Spalding to move to another firm so he can continue to represent the House in this action.  Clement, showing his spine, said in his resignation letter, that Continue reading “This Lawyer is a Real Man”