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From Gary Bauer, on July 7:

Yesterday President Obama held the first Twitter town hall event, answering questions from Twitter users all over the country. Fortunately for the president, he did not have to limit his responses to 140 characters.

Speaker John Boehner asked a very simple question that has been on the minds of many Americans for some time: “After embarking on a record spending binge that’s left us deeper in debt, where are the jobs?”

The Wall Street Journal reports that it took the president 3,044 characters, the equivalent of 22 Tweets, to say job growth has been insufficient.

Why am I not surprised?


Independence Day

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Unfortunately we often refer to day as “The Fourth of July” and forget why today is a holiday.  I am trying, and I suggest everyone also try, to call today “Independence Day.”  After all we don’t say “February 14th”–we say Valentine’s Day.  We don’t even say “The First of January” even though that one IS significant.

Instead, we should remember just what makes today important.  It’s the day we remember and celebrate declaring our independence as a country–July 4, 1776.  To forget our country’s heritage put’s us in danger of losing what makes our country great!

So I wish everyone an happy Independence Day, but more importantly, a day of remembering our great country!

This Lawyer is a Real Man

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One of my favorite talk radio shows is Christian Worldview Today, with host Tony Beam.  Frequently, when Tony is leading into a story about someone taking a stand instead of caving, he has a “Real Man Update” and plays a clip of Reba McEntire singing “I Want A Cowboy”.  I’m taking a page from his book and having a Real Man story.

That Real Man is Paul Clement.  He was a member of the law firm King & Spalding until yesterday.  King & Spalding had been retained by the US House of Representatives to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), but caved to pressure from gay rights groups and withdrew their representation.  Clement left King & Spalding to move to another firm so he can continue to represent the House in this action.  Clement, showing his spine, said in his resignation letter, that Continue reading “This Lawyer is a Real Man”

iCaucus-Endorsees Voting Against the Continuing Resolution

In my previous post, I discussed the South Carolina delegation to D.C., and how they voted on the 3-week continuing resolution (H. J. Res. 48).  I noticed that two of five votes against the resolution were endorsed by the Independence Caucus, or iCaucus, when they were candidates.  This got me curious so I checked a list of iCaucus endorsees against the roll call votes (here and here), and found that seven iCaucus-endorsed representatives and senators broke with Republican leadership and voted “no” on the latest CR.  Those seven are:

  • Sen. Jim DeMint (SC)
  • Sen. Mike Lee (UT)
  • Rep. Scott Tipton (CO)
  • Rep. Dennis Ross (FL)
  • Rep. Justin Amash (MI)
  • Rep. Tim Wahlberg (MI)
  • Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC)

Good job, gentlemen!

To Continue or Not to Continue . . . That Is the Question.

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This past week another continuing resolution was passed, providing funds for the (non-essential functions of the) federal government to keep operating for three more weeks.  The Republican leadership is proud of the fact that it included $6 billion in budget cuts.  Granted, if you extend this over a 52 week period, it would be more than the $100 billion they promised to cut in the first year’s budget.  A hundred billion dollars sounds great, but there is reality to consider. Continue reading “To Continue or Not to Continue . . . That Is the Question.”