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Senator Lee Makes the Case for Cut, Cap, and Balance

This is a great set of videos, simply explaining why real changes need to occur in Washington.  First of all, is the introduction of the “Cut, Cap, & Balance Act” in July 7, 2011, by Senator Mike Lee, a very … Continue reading

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Vote for Greenville, SC!

Go to to vote for Greenville, SC to get the high speed fiber optic from Google!  (See the event web site at .)

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Obama gets poor grade

Well, as of 11:40am, April 3, 2009, a poll on (a left-leaning news source, where you would expect left-leaning people would be answering polls) has President Obama getting a grade of D or F by 53% of responders who … Continue reading

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I’m alive

Well, it’s been longer than I thought since my last post. Maybe I’ll get some more going now . . .

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