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So the rank and file voter wants an idiot in the Oval Office?

From the Washington Post, speaking about Jeb Bush: “I think he is a talented, credible, thinking leader,” DeMoss said. “The question is, how much appetite is there in the Republican Party and in the general electorate for that?” What does … Continue reading

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SC Senate District 12–Bright vs. Hawkins

I recently found out my SC State Senate district had changed.  I was formerly in the 5th Senate district, and my Senator was Phillip Shoopman.  I thought my choice in the upcoming primary was between Tom Corbin, Amanda Somers, and … Continue reading

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Lost All Respect for Drudge Report!

A few weeks ago, Rick Santorum made some headlines for claiming that Matt Drudge’s “news” site Drudge Report was “showing for Romney.”  This was based on the headlines Drudge was running, that were supposedly biased toward Romney, and painting Santorum … Continue reading

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Personal memories . . .

My sister runs an Etsy shop, selling glassware and other items.  I saw on Facebook that she had posted to the blog she and her Etsy partner write, and found a couple of wonderful entries that brought back memories of … Continue reading

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Senator Lee Makes the Case for Cut, Cap, and Balance

This is a great set of videos, simply explaining why real changes need to occur in Washington.  First of all, is the introduction of the “Cut, Cap, & Balance Act” in July 7, 2011, by Senator Mike Lee, a very … Continue reading

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