So the rank and file voter wants an idiot in the Oval Office?

From the Washington Post, speaking about Jeb Bush:

“I think he is a talented, credible, thinking leader,” DeMoss said. “The question is, how much appetite is there in the Republican Party and in the general electorate for that?”

What does DeMoss think we want? A stupid lemming with no talent or credibility?


SC Senate District 12–Bright vs. Hawkins

I recently found out my SC State Senate district had changed.  I was formerly in the 5th Senate district, and my Senator was Phillip Shoopman.  I thought my choice in the upcoming primary was between Tom Corbin, Amanda Somers, and Wyatt Miler, who are all competing for the seat being vacated by Shoopman.

However, without much announcement, when district lines were redrawn post 2010 Census, the 12th district from Spartanburg was extended to include my area in eastern Greenville County.  Turns out my Senate candidates are Lee Bright and John Hawkins.   Continue reading “SC Senate District 12–Bright vs. Hawkins”

Lost All Respect for Drudge Report!

Drudge Campaigns for RomneyA few weeks ago, Rick Santorum made some headlines for claiming that Matt Drudge’s “news” site Drudge Report was “showing for Romney.”  This was based on the headlines Drudge was running, that were supposedly biased toward Romney, and painting Santorum in a negative light.  While that may have been debatable then, all doubt was removed today.  At the top of the screen (I’ve included a screen shot), in the area used for breaking news, Drudge posted two different links to “Santorum endorses Romney” pages.  One was a copy of the news release from the 2008 Romney campaign, and the other was a link to a 2012 Romney YouTube video (posted a few days ago) that played a 2008 campaign clip of Santorum making the same endorsement.

So there you have it.  Drudge linking directly to Romney campaign talking points.  We’re not even talking about stories about Romney talking points–just plain and simple campaign material!  The pathetic side of it, it that it’s not even a new talking point.  Romney has been using that item for months now.

Personal memories . . .

Mantle clock

Grandma’s mantle clock

My sister runs an Etsy shop, selling glassware and other items.  I saw on Facebook that she had posted to the blog she and her Etsy partner write, and found a couple of wonderful entries that brought back memories of our great grandmother.  The blog posts talked about restoring an old hoosier cabinet that had once belonged to “Grandma,” and I immediately felt some of the same feelings my sister Mary (or Janie, to family) described.

As she related memories of this kind and loving woman that are stirred when she looks at the Hoosier, I realized they are some of the same things I think of every time I wind the old mantle clock that once sat in Grandma’s dining room, and now sits in my dining room (coincidentally, on top of a hutch that once belonged to my wife’s grandmother).  When we made our regular visits to Grandma’s house, that clock would mark the time with it’s “tick, tock” and strike every half hour.  To the right, you’ll see a quick snapshot of that old clock.

I sit here now, late at night, listening to that clock ticking away while the rest of the house sleeps.  Maybe one day, my great-grandchildren will listen to the same clock.

Senator Lee Makes the Case for Cut, Cap, and Balance

This is a great set of videos, simply explaining why real changes need to occur in Washington.  First of all, is the introduction of the “Cut, Cap, & Balance Act” in July 7, 2011, by Senator Mike Lee, a very capable and sensible senator from Utah.

From the same announcement is a discussion of “Revenue Increases” that might find support from the GOP. Continue reading “Senator Lee Makes the Case for Cut, Cap, and Balance”