Senator Lee Makes the Case for Cut, Cap, and Balance

This is a great set of videos, simply explaining why real changes need to occur in Washington.  First of all, is the introduction of the “Cut, Cap, & Balance Act” in July 7, 2011, by Senator Mike Lee, a very capable and sensible senator from Utah.

From the same announcement is a discussion of “Revenue Increases” that might find support from the GOP.

Followed by a simple explanation of why this all requires an amendment to the Constitution–it’s the only way to bind the deal on future Congresses.

And finally, a response to the ridiculous idea that the 14th amendment allows the president to incur additional debt not authorized by Congress.

Take a couple minutes to watch the videos.  See if you don’t agree.  If you do, then share these videos and call your senators and representative to urge them to support the approach.

Update: Here is the link from Senator Lee’s senate web page.


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One Response to Senator Lee Makes the Case for Cut, Cap, and Balance

  1. Bucky says:

    I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extrmeely easy for me!

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