Jeff Duncan keeps racking up endorsements

Jeff Duncan, candidate for U.S. Congress from South Carolina’s 3rd district, has been racking up endorsements on a regular basis lately.  Just in the last couple months, the list includes South Carolina state Senator Shane Massey, who at one point was an opponent in this primary; the well-known Erick Erickson of; former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN); two conservative advocacy groups, Conservatives of America and Club for Growth; as well as the Independence Caucus, a very conservative group dedicated to putting constitutionally-minded candidates into Congress.  Some quotes:

Senator Shane Massey, via, et al:

“I’ve gotten to know them all over the past year, and I consider them all friends. But I get to vote for just one, and I intend to vote for Rep. Jeff Duncan.”

. . .

“We need Jeff’s brand of leadership and character in Washington.  I’m proud to support him for the 3rd Congressional District nomination, and I encourage others to do so, as well.”

Erick Erickson:

“I’m all in for this campaign. Duncan is a terrific candidate and true-blue through and through conservative.”

Senator Fred Thompson:

“In short, you can’t elect a leader more conservative than Jeff Duncan, and that’s exactly why South Carolina needs to send him to Washington.

“Please join me in supporting Jeff’s campaign for Congress with your vote, your voice, and your financial assistance.  I can assure you that even in these difficult economic times, your investment in Jeff’s campaign will leave a lasting impact on South Carolina and the nation for years to come.”

Conservatives of America:

“Jeff Duncan is no ‘Johnny Come Lately’ to the Conservative Movement,” said Bill Murphy, Founder of Conservatives of America.  Jeff has been on the frontline, fighting for conservative values and conservative causes in the South Carolina House of Representatives since 2003.  He has a strong track record of fighting for small business, for lower taxes, and for gun owner rights.  He will also bring a strong conservative, pro-business, no nonsense approach to energy matters in Washington, DC stemming from his experience as South Carolina’s representative on the Southern States Energy Board.  Based on what he’s already done over the years for the Conservative Movement, conservatives throughout South Carolina can take great pride in knowing that Jeff Duncan will be a strong conservative voice for them in Washington, DC.

Club for Growth:

“Jeff Duncan is the kind of pro-growth, fiscal reformer who would help change Congress the moment he is sworn into office,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola.  “He has an outstanding record in the South Carolina General Assembly, consistently voting to lower taxes, limit government, and expand individual liberty.  And even more impressive than Jeff’s record of service is his history of leadership on issues like spending reform and school choice, even when it meant standing up for principle against his own party leaders.”

. . .

“The choice for third-district Republicans is clear,” Chocola said.  “Jeff Duncan believes high taxes and big government are the problem, and Rex Rice thinks they are the solution.”

[Note–Duncan is currently one of only 11 candidates endorsed by Club for Growth, joining such respected conservative candidates as Senator Jim DeMint (SC) , Marco Rubio (FL), Pat Toomey (PA), and Senator T0m Coburn (OK).]

Independence Caucus:

“We here at the Independence Caucus are proud to announce our endorsement of this great and Principled Candidate for Congress in the State of South Carolina, Jeff Duncan.”

[Independence Caucus works to bring control of the government back to the people by removing the influence of special interest groups that have large donations.  It’s members  value limited government, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to the Constitution.  A meticulous vetting process, utilizing a lengthy candidate questionnaire and an interview, is used to select candidates that have like values.  More information is available here.]


2 thoughts on “Jeff Duncan keeps racking up endorsements

  1. In our process on 3rd district candidates, we found Jeff Duncan to be the “most-knowledgeable” of any candidate about issues on which we questioned him regarding the US Constitution.

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