Who is more stupid?

OK.  These two stories hit the news the same week.

First, Somali pirates attacked the U.S. Navy.  Yep–you read that right.  If you hadn’t already heard about that, you are saying “no way!”  But I kid you not.  Pirates a couple hundred miles off the Seychelles islands fired on a guided-missile frigate.  As you might expect, things went downhill for them.  The Navy sunk the small skiff the pirates were using to approach the frigate, seized their mother ship, and captured five of the pirates.

Second, a member of Congress (yes, that auspicious group) was grilling an admiral on the planned relocation of several thousand marines to the island of Guam.  Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) actually said that due to the small size of the island, he feared Guam would “tip over and capsize.”  It’s hard to believe this man is actually voting on issues of national importance.  It’s also hard to believe the admiral kept his composure.  I think I would have just burst out laughing.  If you go to Johnson’s congressional web site, he claims it was “subtle humor” and a “metaphorical reference” but I’m not inclined to believe that one.  I think Johnson’s staff immediately had to scramble to come up with that excuse.

I’d say the Navy won both skirmishes.  The big question is who is more stupid–the pirates, or the congressman?  Give me your opinion, then send your friends here to vote!


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