Story of a Bumper Sticker

This morning I did something I’ve never done before:   I put a political campaign bumper sticker on my vehicle.   In the 25+ years I’ve been driving, I’ve never done so.   I’ve always insisted my vehicle be free of such statements.  Why would I change after all these years? Because last night I met Jim Lee.

Let me give you some background on myself.  I’m your average, middle class husband and father.   I’m a traditional, pro-life Christian.   I’m fed up with Congress stepping beyond the Constitution, with the unbelievable deficit spending in D.C., and with the growing control government is taking over our lives.  I’m tired of elected officials who talk down TO us instead of conversing WITH us.   And I’m convinced we need to replace the vast majority of our Congressional leaders.

And Jim Lee?  That’s also a pretty good match to him, as well.  Husband and father?  Check.  In fact, I also met several members of his family.  Like Jim, they were down-to-earth, friendly, and easy to talk to.  Pro-life Christian?  Straight from Jim’s campaign site, he is a “born-again Christian conservative and unashamedly pro-life.”  Fed up with Congress?  You can’t talk to him for long without picking up on the frustration he is feeling for the current D.C. establishment.

In fact, Jim Lee is a strong proponent of small, limited government–a federal government limited by the Constitution to far less involvement in private lives and far less regulation of the free market.  He is committed to a fiscally responsible government, and no earmarks.  Jim believes that it is an unhindered free market that will solve our economic woes instead of government fiat, and that voluntary efforts rather than government programs should work to solve social problems.

Jim, with his respect for and faith in the Constitution, is a firm believer in “we the people,” and as one of “we the people” pledges to represent us and uphold that Constitution with the highest ethical and conservative standards.

So you say all the candidates’ platforms are just as good?  Maybe.  But comments after the recent News Radio WORD debate showed an overwhelming connection between Jim Lee and the audience.  Over and over, they said that Jim was believable, and they were impressed.  I, for one, agree.


One thought on “Story of a Bumper Sticker

  1. Jim:

    You have Jim characterized correctly.

    He’s got my vote for sure and I, like you, have that bumper sticker on my car and my truck and a Jim Lee sign on my lawn.

    Spread the word!

    We, the people, have a candidate committed to halted our “progressive establishment” elected officials fast track to destruction.

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