Tips on Blogging for all you political-activist bloggers!

A while back I ran across a site called  This blog is devoted to creating a better, more effective blog.  Many topics are covered, starting from the basics.  The owner of the blog, Daniel Scocco, who also periodically puts out an email with some of his tips, has produced an eBook entitled “Make Money Blogging.”  This book has a lot of great information on starting and continuing a blog.  While my primary purpose in what I write isn’t pulling in money (in fact, I currently have no mechanism to do so), I have learned quite a bit about blogging from this book.

Make Money Blogging has advice on blog format, headlines, content selection, usability–all items that can bring people back or drive them away.  Scocco then covers promoting your blog with other bloggers, link exchanges, social networking sites, etc.  After all, it doesn’t matter how good your post is, if no one reads it, you’re not accomplishing much–unless, of course, you just have an online diary.  Finally, he covers ads and marketing, getting to the objective specified by the title.

So why mention this to all my activist friends?  Well, most of these strategies and techniques are just as applicable to us.  Our goal is generally selling a message.  It may be support for a candidate, rallying people to sign an online petition, or just to spread the word about the insanity permeating our government as of late.  But the point is, we still need to get people to read our blogs.  Give it a look–it’s free, as are many other tips on his web site.

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