OK. This should have been April Fool’s Day news.

In his first cabinet meeting, President Obama, expecting a $1.75 trillion deficit (that’s DEFICIT–not the whole $3.6 trillion budget), has asked his cabinet to cut spending by $100 million. While acknowledging it is small, he said, “Cumulatively, they make an extraordinary difference.”

Let’s put that in perspective. That’s less than 0.003% of the budget. The national average income is around $40,000. (I don’t remember the exact latest number.) To ask the same percentage cut would be $1.11. That’s like saying that skipping a single large order of fries will have an effect on the average person’s annual budget.

Some examples of savings already planned are things like sharing computer printers. The president followed up with the statement, “We’ve got more to do.” I’d say so!


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