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OK. This should have been April Fool’s Day news. In his first cabinet meeting, President Obama, expecting a $1.75 trillion deficit (that’s DEFICIT–not the whole $3.6 trillion budget), has asked his cabinet to cut spending by $100 million. While acknowledging … Continue reading

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“Out of the mouths of babes . . .”

This morning on the way to drop the kids off at school, I had the radio on. The news was talking about President Obama still being in favor of the ban on “assault” style semi-automatic weapons, although he currently is … Continue reading

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Feeling patriotic!

Unlike Michelle Obama, I’m not proud to be an American the first time. I’ve been intensely patriotic for years, but as I watch and read the news about the Tea Party protests I’m feeling particularly proud. At this point, it … Continue reading

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Obama gets poor grade

Well, as of 11:40am, April 3, 2009, a poll on (a left-leaning news source, where you would expect left-leaning people would be answering polls) has President Obama getting a grade of D or F by 53% of responders who … Continue reading

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