Alito’s confirmation

Well, it looks like Alito is actually heading to a confirmation, is spite of what the insane left-wingers say. I think it was Senator Kerry today who said that we needed more debate! Hasn’t there been enough babble from the Senate already? Where has he been?

On a related subject, I finally heard something from SC’s own Lindsey Graham that was worth repeating. He said (was it Wednesday?) that if the Dem’s wanted to make the filibuster an issue, we would “clean their clocks.” I know he apologized to Alito during the hearings, but somebody was going to have to do that–he just got to be the one to do it. This, however, was an optional comment that I’m glad he make. (My only problem is that he’s been making himself so visible lately, trying to ride to the White House on John McCain’s coattails, that I don’t know what he says because he means it and what is for show.)

On the other hand, Senator Jim DeMint made a great speech to the Senate on Thursday 1-26. Go read it here. There’s a guy I can respect!


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